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Facebook Engagement

These 20 Facebook Tips are perfect if you’re looking to increase engagement on your Facebook Page.

GDPR Guide

Identify what steps you need to take to ensure your compliance with this GDPR Guide for wedding businesses.

Goal Setting

Well planned goals help you to grow your business faster, they give you direction and keep you motivated.

Marketing Mastery

Raise the profile of your wedding business, increase your following and ultimately get more customers by mastering your marketing.

Time Management

Work smarter not harder. Organise your time more effectively, so that you get more done in less time. Giving you more free time to spend with your friends and family.

Business Coaching

Unlock your potential, overcome your blocks and get results with business coaching. Learn about tools, techniques and strategies, from a certified coach, that will help you make your goals a reality.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a process of personal/business development that is used to improve performance and deal with any problems that the client may have.

It is about unlocking the potential within the client, building their self-awareness and aiding their progress.

Coaching helps a client to reach their goals faster by providing encouragement, support and accountability.

A good coach doesn’t tell people what they should or shouldn’t do. Instead a coach encourages the client to come up with their own solutions and put them into practise.

What Does a Coach Do?

The main role of a coach is to help their client set goals and take consistent action towards them.

A coach also helps their client in a variety of other ways, such as

  • staying motivated and accountable
  • dealing with any negative and limiting beliefs
  • identifying what is holding them back
  • determining how to overcome obstacles
  • building awareness and creating lasting changes
  • increasing self-belief and confidence

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